Estia's Story

Authenticity • Tradition • Resilience • Harmony
The majority of our brick is from the Jacob Daniel Brick Company, founded in1864 and which, for years, supplied most of the brick used for construction of major buildings in our beloved hometown.
At its height, they pumped out over 30,000 bricks per day at their factory on Martin Road in downtown Detroit. 

Jacob Daniel, the company's founder, was the son of German immigrants. He employed immigrant laborers in his factory and his reputation as a principled, fair employer and community leader followed him wherever he went.
To match these classic red fire bricks, we selected reclaimed wood native to the region. The combination of red pine, oak, white pine and spruce is like nothing you can find nowadays.Re-purposed from old sub flooring and roofing, its tight grain and resilience make it completely unique.

Reclaim Detroit, the local non-profit we partnered with to make all this happen, is a great organization. They don't just do construction projects -- they manufacture personal items such as chopping boards that make great giftsPlease

check them out at:

At ESTIA, our passion for bringing new life to old favorites doesn't stop at our menu: It's all around you!